Remote interpreting

The Covid-19 emergency continues to limit meeting opportunities. However, video and telephone interpreting solutions allow you to cope with this moment and replace in-person meetings with calls and video conferences. Find out how easy it is to have an interpreter assist you with this too! Contact FM Linguistic Services to find out how!

Simultaneous interpreting

For conferences, conventions and congresses where the panel of speakers or the audience consists of different nationalities. Interpreting is done through headphones while the interpreters (at least two) work in booths, taking turns. All the interpreters who work with FM Linguistic Services are qualified and highly skilled professionals with at least 5 years' experience.

Consecutive interpreting

When simultaneous interpreting equipment is not available, consecutive interpreting is the best solution. The completeness of the transposition of the content is ensured by the prise de notes technique used by the interpreter, who will reformulate the speech in the target language with the utmost accuracy and precision.

Negotiation Interpreting

For your meetings with foreign clients/suppliers/partners, your visits to trade fairs or factories, FM Servizi Linguistici will be at your side, guaranteeing the utmost discretion and promoting the success of your negotiations.


Simultaneous interpretation whispered into the ears of one or at most two people. Suitable when there are only a few people in a meeting/congress who speak a different language from the rest of the audience/speakers.


FM Linguistic Services makes use of the best technological tools to optimize the translation process in all its phases: from the formulation of the quotation to monitoring the progress of the work to the management of translation memories and terminology. For our clients, this leads to lower costs and faster delivery times. Many years of experience in contact with a wide range of companies enables us to produce accurate translations of technical, commercial and legal texts. Competent terminology research and the ability to work as part of a team allow us to always offer translations of the highest quality.


When one translator is not enough, but a whole team is needed to localize a website into multiple languages, FM Linguistic Services will support you by coordinating a team of translators who will accompany you in the process of internationalizing your business.

Subtitles for movies, video tutorials and social media

Has the Coronavirus caused you to rethink your marketing strategy? Do you suddenly need captioning services for your new social channels' videos or to expand your audience abroad, and you don't know where to turn? FM Linguistic Services offers digital subtitling services, guaranteeing a high level of quality both in terms of the linguistic aspect of the translation and the technical aspect of the synchronization, thanks to many years of experience gained in the film industry for the Latin American Film Festival of Trieste and as co-founder of the subtitling agency APCLAI Subtitles.

Business consulting

For companies where go-to-market time is critical, translation speed and streamlined processes are key. E-commerce companies' language departments often lack the knowledge of what technological solutions (CAT tools) can be used to create optimal workflows and increase productivity. Years of experience in the translation industry and continuous professional development allow FM Servizi Linguistici to offer companies know-how that can really make a difference, increasing the productivity of translation processes by up to 40%

Italian courses for opera singers

Italian and diction courses for opera singers in Verona, Venice and online. The courses are modular and are tailored to the needs of the student: whether you simply want to improve your diction and pronunciation or deepen your knowledge of the Italian language, Francesca Mometti will accompany you step by step towards achieving your goal.