Translation of court documents | Court Interpreting

Since 2018 I have been collaborating with Studio Legale Cinti in Verona and with German companies involved in court cases in Italy by translating court documents, email correspondence between clients and lawyers and providing interpretation services in court.


After a first approach to the world of wine occurred in 2014 having had the good fortune to work for the first time for Lis Neris as an interpreter at Vinitaly and then on the occasion of a trip to New York and one to Koblenz, I decided to deepen this sector, following the training courses of the Italian Sommelier Association (AIS). I took the first level course in Lombardy in 2019, a year in which I lived in a wonderful corner of Franciacorta, definitely an extra inspiration to take this path.  I am currently completing the second level course in Veneto and do translations for small wineries as well as for important brands in the industry.

Cycling - components, accessories and clothing

Cycling is the sector that I could deepen thanks to two years of work as head of the translation office at the leading company in Italy for the online sale of cycling components, road bikes and mountain bikes.

Being a multi-brand e-commerce I was able to get to know in depth the products of the major brands in the sector, to which I can now offer my services, with a strong terminological knowledge of the sector.

Subtitles for movies and corporate videos

My first subtitling assignment was in 2011, when I had been collaborating for a year with the Latin American Film Festival of Trieste, whose President at the time was the Argentinean Maestro Fernando Birri, the father of the New Latin American Cinema, as Gabriel García Márquez defined him, who had created with him the Escuela de Cine de los Tres Mundos in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba.

The assignment I received was something absolutely singular and special: to create the subtitles for El Fausto Criollo, the last film by Fernando Birri. Making those subtitles was an enormous challenge, since it was a film inspired by Estanislao del Campo's 1866 poem with rhyming dialogues in octonaries in the Gauchos' language.

Working with Fernando Birri was an experience that marked me so much that I became indissolubly linked to the Latin American Film Festival of Trieste, of which I am now the Organizing Director. That initial experience of subtitling has become an epopea which, in 10 years, has allowed the realization of subtitles for over 800 films and the training of over 500 subtitlers. An experience which has ended up to become a subtitling agency: APCLAI Subtitles.

Today I can offer subtitling services in the widest range of languages to companies that need them for video-tutorials or videos to be published on social media.