Communication happens when, in addition to the message
a supplement of soul passes through

Henri Bergson

FM Linguistic Services

FM Linguistic Services has been a provider of interpreting, translation and subtitling services since 2013, based in Italy in Venice and Verona.

FM Linguistic Services' strengths lie in its professionalism, competence and ability to respond to a wide range of client needs, from simultaneous interpreting to negotiation interpreting, from the management of large-scale translation projects to monthly "pay per word" subscriptions.

FM Linguistic Services guarantees absolute punctuality, maximum confidentiality and great accuracy.

FM Linguistic Services uses the best equipment for project management, optimization of translation processes, terminology research and management.

Our interpreting services are available throughout Italy (in particular in Veneto, Lombardy and Friuli Venezia Giulia) and abroad.

Francesca Mometti

Professional Interpreter and Translator - AITI Associate Member (license 215066)

Master's Degree in Conference Interpreting and Specialized Translation (Advanced School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators of Trieste), Bachelor of Arts Degree in Applied Interlinguistic Communication and Deutsch-Italienische Studien (Double Degree - University of Trieste and Philosophische Fakultät IV Regensburg).

Francesca Mometti provides first person services in Italian, EnglishGerman, French and Spanish and coordinates multilingual projects as project manager.


Be a process facilitator in multilingual online and offline communication
through linguistic, cultural, organizational and digital skills
working alongside - as a competent and flexible partner - companies
in their international B2B relationships,
in corporate communication in multinational companies,
in the legal and judicial field, in the wine and cycling sectors,
in the film industry and by MICE.


"Francesca, en verdad eres una persona sumamente amable, atenta y ordenada.
Que bueno haberte conocido!"

Rosa Adela López Zuckermann, Rosa Media, Messico
(29th January 2022)

«Sehr freundliche und professionelle Übersetzerin, gerne zum nächsten Termin wieder.»
Guido Amian, Amian-Exclusive-Cars, Köln, Deutschland
(4th June 2018)

«Wir haben mit Frau Mometti eine sehr angenehme Begegung und Unterstützung erfahren»
Richard Präger, Schweiz
(14th March 2018)

«Very helpful and professional.»
Johannes Rellecke, Rotenburg, Germania
(15th January 2018)

«Francesca war uns eine große Hilfe. Sie hat uns alles übersetzt und noch mal erklärt, war äußerst freundlich und hilfsbereit. Wir können Francesca als Dolmetscherin voll und ganz weiter empfehlen.»
Werner Schorr, Germania
(12th January 2017)

«Wir wurden hervorragend betreut. Wir sind sehr zufreiden!»
Andreas Fritthum, Mauerbach, Austria
(28th June 2016)

«Bestens, sehr sympathisch und freundlich»
Christine Kreidl, Kramsach, Austria
(10th March 2016)